Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Day For Me!

Well it started out as a day for me. I scored a last minute appointment at my salon and planned to shop for business apparel (in an effort to upgrade from my creative department uniform of denim and fleece.) So after a disastrous haircut (As in OMG! will it ever grow out?! Fuck fuck fuck!) that will probably be fine in a couple of weeks (fuck!) I decided to hit all the swanky girlie stores in my town center - none of which I've ever been in.

I started with the the shoe store, which always has lovely window displays and an interesting mix of Mephisto, Dansko and other hotsy totsy shoe names. It started snowing just as I walked out of the salon, so I was in the holiday, snowy, Saturday (pre-fucked up hair) light mood. I very nearly whistled! (Except that only serial killers and sex perverts whistle in public.) The store was bustling - I guess a lot of the ladies were in the mind of escaping the Christmas clean-up and doing a little shopping. I received a hearty "welcome" upon entering, and nearly had a stroke when I found the first pair of plain and simple low-heeled black boots sporting a $310 sticker price. Now I am a girl - and there are times when you absolutely must have a pair of something that costs $310 - but on December 30th with very little left of the Winter (I hope) - rack rate was unacceptable. I put the boot down gently and took a look at the other footwear on display. I found a few pairs of slip on casuals that were as reasonable as $125 but nothing that wowed me - and nothing that I couldn't get at TJMaxx for less than half the price. (This is where the internal struggle comes in: wanting to support my local "in town" shops vs. realizing I'm not the rich bitch of my dreams.) I thanked the shop people and backed out carefully.

I went next door to a French(ish) sort of place. There were a couple nice outfits in the window. The young ladies at the counter were lovely and welcoming, but everything in the store was party clothes. I work at an ad agency - the dress code is very flexible, but this stuff was pushing even those limits. I pawed through the racks of $300 trousers made of crepe and multi-seamed pinstrip flannel cuffed gauchos and decided I was not the target audience. I backed away slowly and said thank you.

In a (now) driving snow, I walked through the center and entered the last store on my planned slate. The two young ladies at the counter said "Hi" and "Welcome" and left me to my own shopping devices. I liked the merch in this paricular store. It covered every spectrum from work to play, day to evening and they carried lots of cool brands. I found a lot of dressy dressy pants and a ton of denim, but my wish for work clothing was eluding me. So I asked the girls at the counter (what's up with today's retail clerks hiding behind the counter?) if they could point me to some pants. Blonde girl #1 actually came out from the counter to bring me to "the" pants rack. On the pants rack I found some blue velvet trousers, that while very appealing, (on a lot of levels) were not very practical for my life in an ad agency. So I asked the girls if they had any other pants that weren't velvet. Blonde girl #1 walked me three feet to the left to another pants rack. This one contained brown velvet pants. I informed the ladies that I was looking for something other than velvet pants and (exasperated) blonde girl #2 exclaimed to me "Those are BROWN pants" - and when I finished stifling my giggles I backed away slowly. Bummer.

I did score some fabulous gift boxes on sale at CVS (thanks for the hook up Cynthia!) and wandered on home in the snow. I wish I'd brought my iPod because I totally would have listened to Christmas music in the winter wonderland that was unfolding in front of me. Not a bad afternoon despite the hairfuck. I totally just invented that word.

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