Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Music I Long For at Christmas

This gentleman is Vince Guaraldi. Most of us became aquainted with him through the Charlie Brown Christmas special. How can it be 41 years ago. That's right - "It's Christmas Charlie Brown!" was first broadcast in 1965. I watched it on Sunday night and my how beautiful it remains. The story, the animation and most especially the music. The 2006 Fantasy Records package of the soundtrack to "It's Christmas Charlie Brown!" is lovely - and likely to be on sale at your local music vendor - pick it up. It has a nice backstory on the people who made that wonderful piece of Christmas history.

I was aware of Vince's song "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" as a kid. And to this day it can transport me to places I never imagined. Positive, dreamy, hopeful places. His latin-influenced jazz is stunning and the pure joy of his compositions is transformative. Why do I blather on? I'm suggesting you get into the Vince Guaraldi back catalog and get yourself some new tunes for 2007.

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