Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wednesday Was a Travel Day

I traveled to Colorado on Wednesday to visit mother of Moda di Magno, who is recovering from a hip fracture. She's doing great - good attitude, and she is young - but it doesn't matter how young you are when you fall on an ice covered front porch. Ow!

Haven't flown United to Denver in years, but I had the good sense to pay the extra $80 for me and Tom to "upgrade" to Economy Plus, with its 5 additional inches of legroom. Verdict: totally worth it.

Everyone's gotten into the selling food onboard racket - here is United's "Snackrite" box. It was $5 worth of cute little snacks.
Hummus, lemon pepper tuna, cheese, chocolate, pita chips, crackers and raisins. Nutritious and delicious. It definitely has shelf life, I would have liked some organic baby carrots for the hummus, but I see where they would have to rotate stock more frequently if they did that.

What you get if you don't buy the snack box:
Love that classy receipt. My accounting department would get a good chuckle.
Since I have to be in the land of dry air, and totally random weird people and things - I'll blog the crap out of it. Or photo essay the crap out of it. I'd love to do a "Christmas Sweater Spectacluar" while I'm here, but in the meantime - amuse yourself with these.

Exiting the rental car place. I told Tom the sculpture was made from the bumpers of totaled rental cars.

The first bumper sticker that caused me concern:

Finally having supper and a glass of wine at the Golden Bee at the Broadmoor.

Taking a walk around the Broadmoor and posing with the fireplace:

It was a long day, so Tom was too weak to fight a portrait in front of the entrance to the Broadmoor.

I may have to link out to YouTube later and post a video of Tommy driving while listening to George Strait's "I Sure Do Like Those Christmas Cookies, Babe." Hickalicious!

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