Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yesterday and Today

Tommy called an early evening audible and decided to head into the North End of Boston for supper last night. We called our friends Sarah and Scot to see if they were up for a last minute (really last minute) evening out. Fortunately they were up for a instant night out, so we agreed to hook up at Artu Trattoria on Prince Street in Boston.

I dealt with the hair issue by washing out all the crazy product that salon girl had applied (6 or 7 various goos, glues and unknown substances) and tried to suck it up so I could have a pleasant evening.

It was wicked cold out so we drove into town - on a decent evening we would have taken the train, but the last one home is 11:30pm. Forgive me for being a baby. We had time to wander around before supper so I could play with my new camera (which I love love love!) [Hanover Street, Boston]

After a lovely, long evening of food and wine and laughter (& pastry!) Me and Tommy, Scot and Sarah. It was a very Happy almost New Years Eve!

Our friends Jamie and Liz (and son AJ) will spend New Years Eve with us as they travel from Maine to St. Thomas. Whenever they are with us there is a special trip to Whole Foods so our island friends can marvel at the world of food unavailable in the islands. Tommy and Jamie were preparing the feast, so Liz and I hung out while the men hunted and gathered. Liz asked for some special goat milk yogurt. The men returned with that an something extra special.

Um, yeah - it says Water Buffalo Yogurt. (From Woodstock Vermont?)

We sat around yacking and eating hors d'ouvres before Tom and Jamie prepared an amazing feast for New Year's Eve dinner. Liz (giggling) and AJ.

Tommy is amused.

I have no idea what Jamie is doing.

T-Bone hoping for something from the special meal.

How Badcat spends many dinners. (Liz is freezing, thus the Genghis Khan hat.)

We rang in the new year by flipping between Mtv and ABC's New Year's Rocking Eve (both networks had very little music...) and toasting with Veuve Cliquot. Happy 2007 people - it couldn't suck nearly as much as 2006. Good riddance!

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