Monday, January 15, 2007

Cleaning Up iPhoto Today

Cleaned up iPhoto and burned DVD backups today. Some highlights of the past year.

T-Bone & Badcat in the kitchen window.
Tommy on his sister Andrea's back porch.
The National Seashore at Provincetown, MA
Without comment, but really "access"?
Jeffrey's new shoes. Yummy.
Who knew my brother could text?
At Sauciety in the Westin Boston Convention Center.
T-Bone meditating.
My Avon Walk. 26.2 miles and $4000 for breast cancer research.
Heading toward the Bruckner leaving New York City.
My pal Alex and a Boston Sports Club "personal trainer" - smoking!


Emily K. said...

Hey Lori, it's Emily Walsh, you're very easily google-able but I couldn't find an email address so I'm resorting a blog comment. Send me a note - ekwalsh at

Maulleigh said...

In junior high, I was STUNNED to see my ballet teacher smoking. Now I understand, of course...