Sunday, January 07, 2007

NYC - Selects From Saturday & Sunday

NYC moment: Lady comes rushing up to us in Central Park and whips open the Sony Handicam and says to Tom "Are you going to play?" I'm like what is this kinky question? Then she she says "Oh, I thought it was a bagpipe." Um, no - that's a tri-pod, but thanks for asking nice lady.

Two nice men playing football in Central Park. We were joking about their football skills and they asked for a photo - so here it is...

On Saturday evening we went to an Epiphany party at our friend Watson Bosler's home. It was a holiday spectacular!

Loved the decor.

Loved the new rug from Turkey (and the velvet shoes and candy cane socks!)

Tommy will hate this, but I love the the photo. Thanks for the snap Jarrod!

A view from Watson's roof deck - the Empire State Building still decked out in its Christmas colors.

Photos from my Sunday morning trek to Starbucks.

World of Pickle. Really?

Groovy man. Lori in the sphere.

The spheres in their unadulterated state.

Detail of a door on Madison Avenue.

The Steel Building - very cool (moments before a security dude came out and warned me that the police could arrest me for taking photographs on the street. Whatever man.)

Because no matter what New York City hotel I stay in, on Sunday morning GUARANTEED they will begin digging up the street in front of the hotel.

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