Friday, January 12, 2007

Random Things From the Camera Phone

The camera function on what is affectionately referred to as "Toilet Phone" in my house is quite so-so, but it amuses me to take sneaky photos with it. I would really rather take photos with my brand new Nikon D-40, but there are times when you can't (or aren't allowed to) whip out the 18-55 lens - so toilet phone will do in a pinch.

Dude, sir - what is up with the sweatpants over workboots knicker look? I didn't hear this man speak, but unless he had a romantic Irish lilt, there is no excuse for this. No wait, there is no excuse for this EVER.

New old benches being reinstalled at "North Station" in Boston. The idiots at the MBTA removed virtually all seating when the old Boston Garden/North Station was demolished. When they built the Shawmut Center/Fleet Center/Whatever Bank Boston Garden, they installed approximately 14 benches in the entire place. Standard park benches - the kind that hold up to four people at a a place that sees thousands of passengers each day. Lame, cheap jerks. Well in an expansion project which was expected to run from June to November (and continues to this day) the surprise arrival of the old benches from the old North Station was a welcome one.

They are refinishing the benches (slowly) and I can't wait to sit on them again. It's been years.

On the train Thursday night there was an incident where a heavily intoxicated man (very surly and quite possibly dangerous) was wrestling with a Boston police officer in the entry vestibule of my train car. The incident went from a shouting match to "GET ON THE GROUND" quickly. The officer quickly subdued and cuffed the man and escorted him off the train. The now delayed train heard this announcement from the conductor: "We're sorry for the delay folks, we had a passenger requiring some police assistance. We'll be moving shortly." They are never so clever in the morning. Maybe it's just a night crew thing.

Oh thank heaven, for 7-11. This Valentine's Day message is brought to you by 7-11 near the Aquarium in Boston.


Slinky Redfoot said...

that was a powerful post! And the gloves at the end was a suitable closure. What is the metaphor magno(phor)?

Moda di Magno said...

The metaphor was don't forget me at Valentine's Day!

Make the logo bigger said...

"equiring some police assistance"

THAT'S an understatement. So I guess the oficer was good enough to assist him with a nightstick I hope.