Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boston Red Sox v. Minnesota Twins

I enjoyed ten innings of Spring Training baseball (from my comfy chair as I am not in Florida this week.) The Sox and the Twinkies tied after 10 innings, but all I ask on Spring Training Opening Day is anything other than complete foolishness. Not a lot of highlights - but nothing too embarrassing either (I am not going to fault Julian Tavares for the home run - a one time pass...) After getting out of the first three months of winter (and suffering since the second week of January) my mind is quite ready for baseball season. The first few weeks at Fenway are what we refer to as "winter ball" - you must be prepared for cold nights, but to watch the team playing in a warm place does my frozen, bitter little heart good.

Speaking of good - The Red Seat has the goods of the season. People, let me have a quiet word with you. We won. We finally won the world series (just as my grampy always said we would) so I'm asking you to take off the "Yankees Suck" t-shirts (even if they do) and use them to wax your cars. It's Boston peeps - we are supposed to be smarter than that witless piece of trash. Try something classy from The Red Seat.

I totally want this print and all of their t-shirts. So come on fans - it's a new season, a new team - let's upgrade your sporting wardrobe.


Slinky Redfoot said...

This town is as crazy about the red sox as my pittsburgh is about the steelers. Scary.

Toby said...

Love the "mind of a red sox fan!" I've sent the link round to my wicked cool Boston friends.