Monday, February 12, 2007

Commercials That Irritate Me

Nutri-system - Dan Marino ad where one of the men announces "My wife doesn't think I'm disgusting anymore." You sir, remain disgusting.

Aleve - Commercial where basketball man says he "Plays headgames with my son" and "My wife is a sore loser." You sir, are an ass.

Jennie-O Turkey - How will you be inspired ad - trying to work fashion into turkey stir-fry dinners. Lady, I don't know what you are on, but that beatific smile indicates you are on some mood altering substance.

I really like this ad:


James-H said...

Cool. Is that for Travelers Insurance?
Like the music.

Chris said...

You know what commercial I hate? That Koehler faucet commercial with the snobby architect and even more snobby client who, after he shows her the wonders of his architectural skill (via fancy showroom), plops a faucet down on his desk and says, "Design a house around this." PUKE.

Moda di Magno said...

James: The company is RVS Insurance - euro insurers. Love an ad that sucks me in and doesn't hit me in the head with the tagline. So gorgeous.

Chris: I am so with you. The "architect" in the Kohler commercial is bad - but the woman is so smug. Yuck.

Irene Done said...

How can we leave out the 49-year old guy who's living his rock-band dream thanks to BoFlex?

And about those Nutri-System spots: why is Sean Salisbury a part of those? Isn't this the man who allegedly photographed his, um, naked crotch and showed the image to female co-workers at ESPN?

Something tells me if these two guys ever met, they'd be BFF.