Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grammy Live Blog

11:00 - 11:30pm EST

Chris Rock introducing Red Hot Chili Peppers making a Justin Timberlake "Junk in a Box" joke. Flea dressed like a Laker. Hah! Anthony in manpris. I would have loved a "California" live performance. Big sign that says "Love to Ornette Coleman" on the speakers behind Flea. Crowd momentarily confused by confetti. Too much confetti for the cameras now. Pretty subdued performance by the Chili Peppers. Al Gore and Queen Latifah. Queen Latifah getting the crowd to cheer Al (and they do.) Best Rock Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers for Stadium Arcadium. Flea is so so funny; love to all, peace and goodwill. You kids get out there and start rock bands. Don Henley and Scarlett Johnansson (in a terrible dress) to present Alburm of the Year: Dixie Chicks - Taking the Long Way Home. Natalie Maines is officially speechless. Shouting "I'm Ready to Make Nice" and "I think people are using their freedom of speech here." Now teary and greatful for people who used their vote to support them for speaking out. Nice, fantastic, very cool - bravo to you NARAS. Bravo for your guts and standing up for what is right.

10:30 - 11:00pm EST

David Spade and Rihanna - love the David Bowie joke. Runaway Love - Ludacris I'm not sure about the rap, it looks a little "Tea Partay" in the tux. Mary J. Blige - please stay away from the pantsuit - not horrible, but really not good. Nice number overall. James Blunt dedicating his performance to Ahmet Ertugan, very sweet. He looks nervous, which would be totally understandable. Jennifer Hudsun - two words for you: FOUNDATION GARMENTS. Shame on your stylist. Robyn Troup is being called to the stage. Justin Timberlake is whining through "Ain't No Sunshine" - definitely not loving her dress, but she's doing well. Needs to work on the stagecraft with the mike - it's in front of her face. Now T.I. joins in loking like he just got off his kitchen job. What is the rag hanging out of your pocket? Robyn is doing well including the dance moves in dangerous shoes. Mary J. Blige got her purse back from Fergie. Quentin Tarantino looks like a nutbag - what the hell is that medal? Tony Bennet amused until he Tarantino announced age 80. Record of the Year goes to: Dixie Chicks for Not Ready to Make Nice - thanking everyone. OMG - Wendy's is using the Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun"?


Samuel L. Jackson and Cristina Ricci. Cristina, you get an A+ for the outfit, though I would have loved to see a little blush on your cheeks. Introducing Smokey Robinson who seems a little nervous. Could be the satin pants. Please stay away from the plastic surgeon Smokey - it looks like they made it impossible for you to blink. Lionel Richie is it time for you to come back? Is it me or does he have more hair than he used to? Chris Brown - I like the percussion and dance aspect of the production number, but hate the skull mask, light strobe is making me dizzy. Kid dancers were so cute. Troupe is very good - hand off crotch please. Exciting show, but not very musical. Christina Aguilera in a terrible outfit/tribute to James Brown. Hair is a cotton candy disaster. I would have been happier with a video montage to James and not that screeching off key high note from CA. Jamie Foxx with a a polite "that wasn't too bad" face after her performance. Neil Portnow President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences comes on to nice applause. Introduces high school kids who are scorching the place with their performance. Nice talk on music education and encouraging peeps to visit so they can hook you up with your legislators to fight for more music education funding. Farewell tribute montage - so many legends left us last year. Don't know who the dude who just danced to the James Brown clip was but that was cool. LOVED that they brought out his sequined cape and hung it on the mikestand with the overhead pinspot. Beautiful.

9:30 - 10:00pm EST

Terrence Howard always looks handsome. I love that he is speaking about Maria Callas. A down to earth Diva with 8 nominations - I love that intro for Mary J. Blige. Oh my Mary, that is a beautiful dress. I would love to know how she feels about the tatoos now. Powerful performance - you are fabulous. Luke Wilson, you are a cute dork. Mandy Moore, I'm sorry you will regret that outfit tomorrow. LeAnn Rimes - you do not need a dress slit to your navel to prove you have grown up. I'm not against cleavage - but it has to be good cleavage. Best Country Album: Dixie Chicks again! Fantastic. Natalie, I'm not loving the dress you changed into. Natalie quoting The Simpsons "Ha Ha" and saying a lot of people just turned their TVs off and then giggling. I love that they are who they are. Ellen and Portia look fab. Seat fillers wandering in behind Reba McEntire. Not so sure about Reba's dress. Tribute to Bob Wills - Carrie Underwood is that a wig or a weave? Your voice is lovely, that dress should be returned to the Dollywood Museum right now. Rascal Flatts guy looks like guy impersonating Lance Bass. Didn't dig Hotel California in 1976, so the fluffy cover didn't send me - but the crowd seems to be digging it. Carrie the quick change artist back to perform Desperado in tart earrings and black gown that would be better on Beyonce. When do you have to return the hair to Christina Aguilera? Rascal Flatts and Carrie back to perform Life in The Fast Lane like they were at a junior high talent show. Natalie Cole and Ornette Coleman - very cool. The last time I saw him he played with the Grateful dead at Boston Garden in 1994. Swanky suit and he deserves his lifetime achievement award. Carrie wandering to her seat with a bottle of water in the background. Imogene Heap what is on your head. Carrie Underwood is not surprised she won. She's high fiving over it. She should have kissed Ornette Coleman on the cheek when he handed her the award.


Shakira and Wyclef Jean - nice! Nice production number! Nice backflip Wyclef! Your drawers are hanging down now though. Shakira knows what color a tan should be - starlets take note. Seal, not loving the jacket, Burt you look fab - how cute are you to ask if you can write a song with Seal. Alpert & Moss totally deserve their award. What's up the announcer butting in? (I assume the intro blurbs are all taped - get your finger off the trigger sound engineer dude.) Song of the Year goes to: Dixie Chicks! Great balls of fire NARAS - you have big old guts, I'm so proud of you! Congrats Chicks! Big and Rich - you are jerkfaces for not clapping. Note to you: When you see the camera pointed at you and the red light is on - tape is rolling, fake it you dopes. How I Met Your Mother Girls - you look very nice. Congrats Grateful Dead. Gnarls Barkley - LOVE the dress-up flight outfits. Nice production number. Kanye - the hood looked stoopid (as the youths would say) other man you are very handsome. Okay now I know who T.I. is. Congrats Ludacris, you look very nice in your suit. Sunglasses off please. Special shout out to Oprah and Bill O'Reilly HAH HAH HAH! Love it!!!! I think I'm voting for Robyn Troup.

8:30 - 9:00pm (EST)

Fergie looked better in the Candies Shoes commercial on the break. Justin Timberlake looks like a cancer patient in the stupid knit hat. He also looks like a kid I went to Junior High School with in that outfit - dump the vest skippy. His band sounds good. WTF is up with the webcam of Timberlake's nose? More nauseating than I could have imagined - and narcissistic too. OMG - Pink looks great on that dress. T.I. who are you? I wish Pink wasn't dead-reading. The doors deserve their lifetime honor. No T.I. - I don't dig. Beyonce shy - Mary J. Blige clapping for her name, Natalie waving and Idia.Arie with fabulous locks and earrings. Congrats again Mary - the girl is going to melt down before the night is over. Jimmy Hendrix for Verizon - that is so wrong. Lil' John for Heineken? For street cred there's MasterCard? Ouch. Stevie Wonder overjoyed - love the vamp Stevie! Corinne Bailey Rae you looked so beautiful and like you were enjoying the moment, I'm glad you opened your eyes and looked around a bit. John Legend that is a fantastic jacket and you sound just wonderful. John Mayer I like your music, you played beautifully - you don't have to look like a dime store Johnny cash in an ill-fitting blazer. Nelly, Nicole and scary girl from Pussycat dolls - get thee to a stylist. Congrats John Mayer freaking out - the best dork winner face of the night - it's understandable you were blanking out.

8-8:30pm (EST)

The Police actually rehearsed! Tony Bennet & Stevie Wonder deserved the Grammy. Joan Baez looked fantastic. The Dixie Chicks were perfect, Natalie Maines is stunning, but I hope she shreds that dress after tonight. Hey it's Prince! In a bouffant! Beyonce is beautiful and can sing, but should burn that dress - she couldn't walk in it. Why do these stylists try to make everyone a mermaid? Black Eyed Peas - Fergie, stand up like a lady and get out of the damn tanning booth. Booker T. & the MGs deserve more than a lifetime achievement award. Congrats Mary J. Blige - you looked stunning and genuinely shocked. I love that you brought your purse on stage and then took out your cards and handed the bag to Fergie. Make sure you get it back from her. How dare they try to play you off. Queen Latifah - girl, I love you - but you have to stay away from the strapless gowns! Ooh, good luck girls who want to sing with Justin (Africa, Brenda and Robyn!)


archeress said...

you didn't like the white tux on Aguilera and her jamesbrown tribute? i just watched it on pink is the new blog and thought it was awesome.

Moda di Magno said...

Archeress - that girl swings between Ho and faux Ho too quickly for me. Those high-waisted pants were a disaster.