Friday, February 16, 2007

Meanwhile in Fort Myers...

While I was trying to not have a heart attack while shoveling snowcone-style snow and ice on Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox pitching staff was working out at training camp. I have a reason to live.

I love this photo and caption of Daiske (known in Boston as "Dice K") Matsuzaka. Both of the photos here belong to the Boston Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis, but unless you are a serious Sox fan you might have missed them - and I think they are so beautiful.

Caption: When he was finished and headed back to the clubhouse, Matsuzaka paused and bowed toward the field before entering the dugout.

Bring it on you Yankee mofos. Bring it. Hai!

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Maulleigh said...

Is that what he's doing? Those crazy Japanese. So respectful.