Wednesday, February 14, 2007

While I Shoveled

Happy Valentine's Day. Boston got the wicked storm - and my town, which is slightly northwest of the city got nailed all day - so I worked from home. The storm started out with fluffy little snow, and 4-6 inches piled up pretty quickly. Tom went out with the snowblower and shovel and took care of our extensive grounds. (Actually, since our home is on a corner, we do have a tremendous amount of sidewalk to keep clear.) Tommy spent a couple of hours clearing the driveway and paths around the house. I figured I would do an afternoon shift or two. Since I had a number of conference calls today, I planned a 2:30 shoveling break. OMG - by the time I went outside the snow was just turning to rain, so I was shoveling fast as it was getting heavier by the minute. Then the rain got a little icy - like bitter nonpareils. And when I was on the north side of the house and the wind was howling toward my face it finally turned to daggers - daggers I tell you. Total heart attack snow. We cleared as much as we could before we went out to dinner. We have returned to find every concrete surface now has a one inch coating of pure ice. Dammit.

Chart made especially to celebrate David Armano's blog birthday.


david armano said...

I LOVE the frickin' daggers!

Slinky Redfoot said...

Magno you SLACKER!!

Moda di Magno said...

DA - who doesn't love a dagger.

Slinky - I got a TON of work done yesterday and shoveled like hell. Of course everything is just a sad mound of ice today.

Who cares though - pitchers and catchers are working out in FLA! I have a reason to live!

archeress said...

pitchers and catchers are in Florida, and in Arizona too! thanks for reminding me, magno. and it's not pitch fucking dark at 4:30pm anymore. there is some hope!

Irene Done said...

"Total heart attack snow."

Hilarious! I know exactly what you're talking about there. (I didn't always live in Texas.)