Monday, March 12, 2007

Be the Brand

From the Los Angeles Times comes an interesting article and interview about the ever-expanding business of hip hop with the rapper known as Lil Jon. I was impressed with his knowledge of brand marketing - he apparently "gets it" if the quote below is to be believed.

Lil Jon, known as the King of Crunk, has numerous business interests. “Once you get popular, you have a brand,” he says. “You have to market that brand.”

I don't know if the world needs a "crunk-scented" air freshener, but I admire the guts to try to sell it (and the foresight to ring every dime out of your 15 minutes - or 15 years of fame.)

Image credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


Slinky Redfoot said...

Brand! That's me! Brand! I'm excited.

Moda di Magno said...

I was going to ask if you had a brother...