Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doesn't Everyone Need a Poet Laureate?

When I woke up to WBUR (my local NPR station) the story that was in progress was about the City of Boston discussions about naming a Poet Laureate. I thought "that's cool" - why not? Who doesn't need a Poetry Czar? Especially the highly literate City of Boston!

Then I got to work and and my astoundingly literate friend Pete mentioned the story too, so that confirmed the need to discuss. The story can be heard HERE.

What do you think? Does your city need a Poet Laureate?

Image: Lyric Poetry by Henry O. Walker - Jefferson Building, Library of Congress.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Does your city need a Poet Laureate?
Speedcat Hollydale: No it does not.
We need more corndog stands.

I like Mustard and Laureate on my CD!

The Speedy Cat

Stoutcat said...

No, we need more ice cream. LOTS more ice cream. And kitty cats. There's enough good poetry in the world right now to go around several times, but never enough ice cream or cats.