Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'll Take Manhattan

Day One at BlogHer - start at the bottom and read up!

Flowers on the bar at Palma Restaurant.

Thomas Magno contemplates something.

8:30 - Dinner reservation at Palma Restaurant with friend Watson Bosler and talented husband Thomas Magno (who is in NYC to shoot for Watson.) Palma is spectacularly good for a first time visit. Lovely greeting when we enter, no wait at the bar, excellent cocktail, promptly seated, terrific menu and fantastic service (thanks Zara.) Nice mediterranean menu - I can totally recommend it. Watson, Zara and Thomas in front of the restaurant as we departed.

6:00 - Yahoo is hosting a cocktail party for us at a venue across the street from my hotel, so I wander down to mingle with the attendees and have a Yahootini or three. Yahoo, you know how to throw a party.

Me, Megan Garnhum and Allison Clark of Text100.

Aedhmar Hynes (CEO, Text 100), Megan Garnhum of Wee World and Allison Clark.

4:30 - After a break we re-form in small groups featuring an expert in their field. I stuck around to listen to Caroline Little because she was willing to answer questions about newspapers and bloggers - the Washington Post has hired several writers to blog on particular topics recently with good success so far. She is not afraid of where blogging is headed. Cool. I swing by Megan Garnhum session on "blog bling" to get some good tips on making the space look better and potentially revenue worthy. Megan knows whereof she speaks. Totally.

3:00 - Case Studies session: Shirley Frazier of the Gift Basket Business blog has us cracking up about the gift basket industry ($4 billion dollar industry!) Caroline Little, CEO and Publisher of WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive was outstanding. What a smart, sharp lady - I feel like she has a handle on the expanding and changing interactive space. Carmen VanKerckhove from New Demographic and Racialicious was really interesting and funny. Staci Shiller of Wells Fargo was fantastic. The Student LoanDown blog is really smart and funny.

2:45 - Megan Garnhum came and found me! Yay!! So nice to put a face (a real one) with a blog. I ran into Toby Bloomberg (the Diva herself!) in the lobby on the break - how fortunate I am to be in this room with all these smart people! *Note to the peeps: Type quieter...

2:30 - Excellent guided tour by the founders of (Elisa, Jory and Lisa) of the buzzwords we know (mostly) and use (or don't) and then Q&A session that showed the attendees are a pretty smart group.

1:30pm - Lively discussion about social media and interesting case studies. Dove Real Beauty with their Superbowl commercial was called out. Twitter - is it worth anything? (Paul McEnany - that was not my question...) Do PR peeps, ad peeps and "professional" journalists need to call themselves out on blogs (resounding yes.)

11:30am - I'm here! Somehow managed to drive from Boston to the hotel in 4 hours flat. It would have been 3 and a half but FDR was totally backed up. By some miracle the hotel had a room ready for me. *BONUS! The room looks like the photos online! Yay! I plopped my stuff and dashed off to the Affinia Manhattan for the conference.

I've already met a handful of lovely people (Hi Alicia! Hi Emily at Weber Shandwick! Hi Jeremy! Hi Annie - go Philly!), had a quick lunch and will report back later. I did leave my camera in the room. Bummer.

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paul said...

You have fun, lucky!

Jeremy said...

Thanks!! It was great meeting you as well. See you today. :)