Friday, March 23, 2007

Last Post Before Coma

BlogHer Day 2 - awesome and smart and funny and loaded with wicked cool people at every turn. They day which couldn't have been any better was enhanced by a special post-conference throw down arranged by the amazing Christina Kerley. My summary of the day is below - all jumbled, as the day was. I ran from conference room to ballroom to hotel to lounge to dinner - in sassy shoes to boot!


CNN anchor Carol Lin is seen here being interviewed by Roxanne Darling for her video podcast. Carol joked that she isn't usually on the receiving end of questions and was really good-natured about answering everyone's questions (for podcast broadcast or otherwise.) The interview about Carol's really cool social network/cancer support program can be seen HERE.

I caught these two kissing in the hallway. Love that! The dynamic Lisa Jones of BlogHer and Surfette and her lovely and charming partner.

The super fabulous Michelle Madhok of SheFinds blog. She was part of a breakout session that turned into a group discussion about the best ways to reach out to bloggers who might be interested in your product. Idea #1 - don't send a form letter that leads with "Dear Blogger" - and don't ask for the sample panties back!

The divine Diva Toby Bloomberg hosted a session called "Should You Blog?" featuring Roxanne Darling, Remi Adams and Penelope Trunk of the Boston Globe. Toby is terrific and started the session by having everyone in the room introduce themselves, the name of their blog (or not) and a question for the panel.

Megan Garnhum pretends to live blog for the camera. She lived blogged day two for BlogHer. You can find links to her notes on three sessions here.

Cisco put chocolates on the table in my afternoon session. Clearly they know the audience in the room.

Cynthia Skyeberg (AKA Cyn Linden) of Linden Labs was so kind to answer my impertinent question "Why do I want to have a Second Life?" As someone who is stilling looking for an answer to that question, I really appreciated her honest and direct answer.

What the sound guy was reading during one of the sessions. Couldn't resist the photo or stifle my laughter when I saw it.

Jory Des Jardins, Elisa Camehort and Lisa Jones - the talented trio repsonsible for BlogHer.

Toby Bloomberg, Alex Gaena, Fard Johnmar, and Marianne Richmond at Flute.

Matt Dickman and Christina Kerley.

Toby Bloomberg, C.B. Whittemore and Valeria Maltoni.

Copyranter and Georgina (aka Archeress.)

BlogHer was amazing - I'll decipher my 12 pages of single spaced notes and write something concise tomorrow and Sunday. The Blog World collided at Flute when Christina Kerley invited a number of us to gather at Flute for champagne and introductions. It was also the first international "Shoe Down."

This photo is for Paul McEnany at Hee Haw Marketing in Dallas (who introduced me to CK online months ago) - and here we are drinking Champagne in New York City - ain't life grand! Thanks Paulie!

Caption: OMFG - I got to meet the Copyranter. F*ing unbelieveable. It's like meeting the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy or Johnny Appleseed - I got to meet a frigging legend. And I got to meet Ranter's fabulous girlfriend the Archeress.

First International Cute Shoe Down. Tough luck if you don't get it.

Megan Garnhum in Times Square on the way to Joe Allen for supper. Joe Allen is next to Orzo and is superb. What is better than scrambled eggs and Sauvignon Blanc at 10 pm? The only downer (which can be fixed) is that they don't take American Express. Hey AMEX - fix that!

Complete coverage of BlogHer and CK's Blogger Meet Up tomorrow. Now I slumber (If the machinery in front of the hotel will stop digging long enough to let me sleep.


Toby said...

Lori - What a wonderful bloggy Manhattan time! To say it was great to meet you is a huge understatement. The purple beads are awesome .. just like you!

C. B. Whittemore said...

Lori, you are awesome! I loved meeting you at Flute, and thank you for the beautiful stylish necklace creation. I really regret leaving so early and not getting my purple hush puppies in the shoe photo!!!

copyranter said...

I have no idea who that guy is, but he's a fraud. I was in Istanbul at the time of the event in question.

Moda di Magno said...

Note to Copyranter: I may have been mistaken as the young man in attendance was open and pleasant and said nothing hateful or hostile about the advertising industry. But then he was wearing a t-shirt that said I (heart) Donny Douche. But he was with the Archeress. Hmmmm.

Toby said...

Lori - Your mulitple posts of BlogHer are wonderful and a great recap of the event. Lovin' those diva beads (smile). Meeting you was a def highlight for me!