Friday, March 16, 2007

Likemind AM and the Rest of the Day

So after harassing Paul at Hee Haw Marketing about having a Likemind gathering in Boston or New York or even Philly, he very kindly turned me on to the fact that there are many Likemind gatherings across the globe. I headed to Starbucks on Boylston (the one closest to the Prudential) and was pleasantly surprised to find this man:

This is Tom Spicer - a former co-worker from Digitas and now at Cramer. He's also one of my neighbors. He's posing for me (he's not really pompous!) The other attendee at the gathering is Jeff Artabane - currently at Digitas with me. Jeff is in the technology group, and what a chuckle I got when our the Likemind gathering turned out to be so likeminded. Good coffee, an overview of who's been up to what and Tom tossing out an interesting recruiting question (do you go for someone with deep category experience or deep interaction experience? There was a bit of split decision, but a lively debate.)

The coffee & debate club:

I headed to the office after our coffee and went directly to our weekly bagel table. Bagel table gives peeps a chance to stand around and talk while waiting for their bagels to toast. Presenting one of the reasons that I could give a rat's ass about Saint Patrick's Day - green food. Things that get toasted should never be green. Ugh.

To make the day even more perfect we are having a Nor'easter. I got home at 6:30 and started shoveling - Tommy came out to use the snowblower (he's convinced I'll stick my hand in the hole that says "don't put your hand in here.") The snow started coming down at 2" and hour and the wind has been howling. All of my efforts were for nothing as another 5" has fallen since I got home. Dammit.

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