Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random Things

1. Young man with the Weemes Elementary School bookbag and the "Taxi Driver" style mohawk (which frankly, is less effective on a blonde head) pulling on the door to the BofA and being waived off by the guard because it is too early. Ditch the bag or the hair, but the combo is so not working - and it will not make early access to the bank easy.

2. Young lady in the flip flops and winter coat smoking a cigarette on the corner in the middle of the crowd waiting to cross at the light - I almost pushed you in front of a truck. Smoke at the back of the pack.

3. Other young lady, lovely as you were in your "just rolled out of someone's bed" hair and silly/happy smile - that is a hard look to pull off, but you totally did. Until I saw the Ugg boots. And then I had a strong urge to slap your face and tell you only whores wear Uggs.

4. Dude on the cel phone, it is not advisable to be fighting with your girlfriend (presumably girlfriend) as you enter your workplace building. The floor is granite with high ceilings and hard walls and everyone heard every word. Even if she is a stupid bitch, no one ended up on your side of the argument because you sounded like a dick. Please step away from the cel phone.

All this before 9am (and sans coffee.)

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