Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome Back Rialto

Just home from a spectacularly wonderful dinner at the newly re-launched Rialto in Cambridge. A perfect visit, from the greeting to the service (mega bonus points for gracious and friendly service- thanks Michael and Tiffany and everyone else that visited our table!) to the lovely wine list (amazing choices available by the glass) and the food, oh my the food was simply delicious. This was our first visit since a fairly disastrous 10th wedding anniversary dinner 2 years ago. From a surly hostess to a new waitress, the wrong food and a red wine spill - just the sort of epic disaster that only I could plan to celebrate my anniversary. I was not loving Rialto.

Well, all is forgiven now.

The menu is clean and simple - but with plenty of variety. We started with roasted asparagus with stracciatella cheese, and artichoke with prosciutto. A perfect portion to begin the meal and beautifully presented. Tommy moved onto the Orange-dusted scallops and I indulged in the Grilled rack and roasted leg of lamb with sheep’s cheese crespelle (with the addition of the Potato basil purée - a fabulously beautiful dish of bright green potato!)

At no time did an unused fork or plate linger on the table a moment longer than it was needed, no glass went unfilled - and yet I never felt that anyone was hovering. We were asked in appropriate moments if we needed or wanted anything. (Appropriate = asked a question NOT when my mouth was full, you waitstaff know the drill...) Chef Jody Adams was present in the packed dining room making her way from table to table - it was a comfortable and warm feeling in the and relaxed room.

Dessert, oh dessert. Tommy ordered the Ricotta, poppy seed and almond crostada with grappa, figs and kumquats and I strayed from my straight and narrow chocolate path and took a chance on the Apple strudel with candied walnuts, dried plum sauce and cider zabaione. Without any overstatement, the apple strudel is the best dessert I have ever eaten - and I have eaten a lot of desserts during my life. Pastry Chef Tal Shofman-Schejter should have songs written to him for that strudel. Divine little bites of happiness they were.

We received a "thank you for visiting" and "we look forward to welcoming you again soon" from everyone we passed as we departed the dining room. You shall welcome us again soon Rialto - you can count on it. Special thanks to General Manager Chrystyna Kassaraba, you rock.

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Slinky Redfoot said...

ive been looking for a good restaurant, as there are none in my North End neighborhood