Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WTF Wednesday Returns!

What with being all crazy-busy at work, I missed out on a lot of the analysis of the Scooter Libby guilty verdict (unless you watch Fox Noise Channel - and then you heard he was found not guilty on one count...GAH!)

I also missed the beginning of (this week's) episode of "Gay-Republican-porn star-outcall boy-du jour." Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, or being Republican (kidding) or even a porn star - but the truly exciting combination of being a gay Republican porn star hooker outcall boy is such a weird, self-loathing combination. Throw in the fact that this week's contestant is a Marine and, OMG - I could stay up all night reading the blog posts.

The person who exposed the dude known previously as Rod Majors (aka "Pierre LaBranche" who gets bonus points for two spot-on porn names) is Tom Bacchus. (OMG - COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK - NSFW! I am warning you N-S-F-W. Or for anyone under the age of 30. Or my mother. Mother, step away from the blog.) But he should be commended for his thorough research. He links to the new darling of the conservative set's blog - which provides links to Mr. Sanchez's appearances on Fox Noise (I can only post one as I'm getting hives just wasting the bandwidth.)

Mr. Sanchez became a darling if the "conservative" crowd because of his professed pain over the way soldiers are treated with disdain on college campuses. Puh-leez. Because the Republicans, and in particular "conservative" Republicans are such scathing idiots, they presented Rod Majors Corporal Sanchez with an award at the Asshat CPAC convention (AKA "Coultergate") last Friday. From the website agenda:

Friday, March 2nd:
Ronald Reagan Banquet
Regency Ballroom
Master of Ceremonies: Laura Ingraham
Color Guard: Manassas Young Marines
Pledge of Allegiance: Lt. Col. Frances Rice (Ret.), National Black Republican Association

Presentation of Jeane Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award
Presenter: TBD
Recipient: Corp. Matt Sanchez, Columbia University

The occasion presented plenty of opportunities to be photographed with Satan's little helpers like Coulter and some of the other scum of the crop (but I can't post them here as they are ugly, ugly people.) How utterly perfect. I shall savor this gem like a fine wine.

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