Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Passover

Tom and I were invited to my dear friend Janet's Passover Seder tonight. We had a lovely time with Janet, her husband Larry, daughter Robyn and son Jeffrey (who brought his delightful bride Gail.)

(I remarked to Janet that I love her kitchen -- she is lucky to have so much space. She chuckled "it's totally wasted on me." - LMAO)

I am lucky to have dear friends who will invite me to their home on a special evening and walk me and my beloved through their family's cherished ritual and provide food to warm the heart and soul. Oh yeah, and laugh our asses off. I'm not sure that was an appropriate way to describe my laughter - but that's the way it felt.

Larry prepares to hide the matzoh. (Or, Afikomen for my knowledgeable friends...)

Thomas reads from the Haggadah. Larry made him read an entire page. It was, however, in English. (I'm pretty sure Tom could do it in Latin though...)

Gail is very pleased we have gotten to the "Dinner is served" page of the Haggadah.

Larry and Janet with "the brisket" (which was so good Thomas asked for the recipe - he's got to like it to request the recipe!)

Jeffrey found the matzoh! (Due to contractual obligations, Jeffrey cannot be shown on any blog, thus his identity must remain a secret.)

It was also Robyn's birthday - here she is with her matzoh cake.

What is better than Jello? NOTHING is the answer. Nothing is better than Jello.

I enjoyed Passover 2007. Today I am a lucky girl.


Slinky Redfoot said...

who is robin and why is she alone on her birthday?

Slinky Redfoot said...

also, what is with the "censored" box on his face? What did he say!

archeress said...

i forgot how much i totally love jello! the dense cube kind. this blog makes me hungry! and you mean thomas could read the hagadah in hebrew, right? btw, i told my cat taj that kitties in boston sent him some luv, and he, cool.