Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Love Jon Stewart

There was a whole lot of hoo hah over Jon Stewart's interview with Senator John McCain on the Daily Show last night. My take: They know each other (McCain is a frequent guest), they like each other, they went head to head for 15 minutes and no blood was shed. WTF? Why is everyone so itchy about it? I don't usually check the message boards on Comedy Central, but since NPR woke me up with the story this morning I figured I'd take a peek. OMG the operatives are totally burning up the boards with "McCain is owed an apology" demands. That is nonsense - Jon Stewart simply asked questions that no "real" newsman will ask. The intro question alone should earn him a Pulitzer, or at least a Peabody. Judge for yourself - one clip below, others located at Comedy Central.

To balance the comedy factor, tonight I watched inspired journalism on Bill Moyers Journal in a segment entitled "Buying the War - How did the mainstream press get it so wrong?" It pained me to the core to listen to media wonks try to explain how they let the build up to the war go unchecked. The piece is worth checking out online (or check your local PBS listings for the repeat.)

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