Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Like Friday the 13th Only Tuesday!

I started a post early this morning with these phrases:

Today, on this special day, Red Sox opening day, a day when, at least for a few hours, much of Boston acts like the fantasy town of tight-knit brothers we wish it could be. We all root for the home team, we pray for no snow, anything other than a rout, and maybe a parking space near Fenway. I wish that everyone finds time to sneak a few minutes in front of a TV or radio to see or hear a few minutes of the game (tickets to opening day wouldn't suck either, as long as you brought your parka.)

I was really sort of hopeful in a lame kind of way. It was opening day, another chance to hope or dream that "this might be the year."

Thank God it was a draft, because then I got to work.

Damn if the world wasn't upside down today. Every call was an angry one, every email had a "tone" that was not wholly pleasing, every request was without a please, a thank you or clear direction. Every request a demand. In short the day was totally screwed.

But then the Red Sox won 14-3 and some of the assiness faded. It flared up, but then it leveled out. (After some additional flare ups.)

So for tomorrow, everybody chill - the hometeam won opening day. Get a grip for tomorrow Dice-K is pitching his first home game. We need all the good karma we can get.

Kevin Youkilis indicates that Jason Variitek should "go left."

Jason did "go left" to beat the tag.

Up top: I have no idea how Mike Timlin's body does what it does.
All photos belong to the Boston Globe and the photographers (Barry Chin & Matthew Lee.)

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