Monday, April 30, 2007

The Mormons on PBS' "American Experience"

I'll be watching the most excellent PBS series Frontline tonight as they present part one of a two part show entitled The Mormons. I will watch in the interest of fairness - I don't much object to anyone's religion as long as they care for the sick, the elderly and kids. Oh, and no animal sacrifice or pledging your earthly assets to be selected as one of the "chosen." That last part tends to eliminate a lot of your wackier groups.

Living in Massachusetts I have just endured four years of the most pompous of political weenie boys as Governor, namely Willard (like the rat) "Mitt" Romney. I've written about Mr. Romney's self-image before. He has some pretty shitty sleazy friends. There are others who write about him more succinctly than I. Oh how I wish they wrote more often...

From a review in the Boston Globe it is my understanding that Mr. Romney appears only in news footage, but given that he is holding up his religion during his presidential campaign in the way that JFK held up his Catholic faith - I think the Mormons are due an airing out. Many in Massachusetts want to know more about the secret underwear. I doubt PBS will delve into that, but I'm open to learning more.

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