Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random Tuesday

Tom and I had dinner with my good friend Cathy Judd-Stein, lawyer extraordinaire. Cathy is the kind of lawyer you want on your side. I was privileged to work with Cathy in the Governor's office and I can only hope that current occupant, Governor Deval Patrick will find someone as smart, as compassionate and as naturally intuitive to help him navigate the icy political waters of Massachusetts.

Cathy is an amazing lawyer, and I am LOVING her new haircut.

We had dinner at the fabulous Chinese restaurant called China Sky. You have to love any place that sends your leftovers home in a bag with an origami fold (and makes a mean rum punch.)

I planted the basil seeds that came in the little Stonyfield Farms kit that I got at the Spinazzola Gala in January. Let's see if I get any basil. I followed the planting instructions to the letter. It says to place the pot in a sunny place (bit of an issue as we seem to have returned to winter.) Water daily - I'll probably remember most of the time. I'll update you here periodically. Any bets on when the basil plant dies?

Finally, I made no mention of the Red Sox season opener in Kansas City yesterday because it was a religious holiday they stunk the place up. It's still winter ball right now, so it really doesn't count for me. Home opener is next week - that's when baseball counts for me. I'm looking forward to seeing Dice-K at Fenway, I'm expecting good things.

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