Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reed Foehl at the Lizard Lounge

Tom and I joined friends Sarah and Scot for a lively supper at the Forest Café in Cambridge, MA tonight. Two words - excellent margaritas. Most excellent. The food was an interesting combination of Cambridge and Tex Mex. I had the super-spicy smoked pork adobado - and orangey, Tabasco-ey treat. We walked in at the perfect time as we were seated immediately and then the whole world showed up asked for a table. I love that - I don't feel pressured to hurry up and eat, but I don't slow down either.

We chose the Forest Café due to its proximity to the Lizard Lounge. Sarah and Scot forwarded a link to Reed Foehl's website and MySpace page so I could listen to his music. I found it quite beautiful and figured what the heck - now that smoking is banned, it is actually pleasant to go out and hear music. Except for all those annoying people. But maybe that's just me...

Reed's special guest was Gregory Alan Isakov - quite a soulful singer/guitarist whose opening set I truly enjoyed. Gregory came on at about 9:45pm - and after two margaritas - he had to be good for me to stay awake. Since both artists were travleling light it was an easy transition for Reed Foehl to come on at 10:15ish. The crowd was very excited, and in their rush to get close, completely blocked my view - so here is a photo of the people who annoyed me.

Don't get me started on the wardrobe - even the Fug Girls would be shocked at at the fashion hardship I had to endure.

A very nice young man seated next to me (named Brian Beaucher) was also a victim of the attack the badly dressed tall people. Gah. He was much nicer than me~

I enjoyed Reed's set nevertheless and arrived home feeling happy and tired and full up on good music.

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