Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And Then I Met

I have been enjoying my little blog universe quite a lot lately. For the most part I don't deal with a lot of freakshows. I've only had to delete one comment - and that was because it was so utterly vile I had to shower after I read it. I've met (in the blogosphere) some mighty cool people; Paul, Matt and the cast of 100 from The Age of Conversation Project prime among them. Paul introduced me (via email) to CK - I think the phrase was "CK meet Lori, Lori meet CK" or something along those lines (and he introduced me to zefrank.com at the same time!)

I've actually met, met (in person!) some cool people CK, The Diva, Megan and David Armano - making the bloggy thing even more amazing. In New York this past March, CK arranged a blogger meeting at Flute (nee, writers as Mr. Armano wishes) where I got to meet Valeria and CB and Copyranter (OMG!) and the Archeress and a cast of dozens over fabulous cocktails.

Yeah, so?

So on top of meeting cool people - I have also been turned onto some very cool music by Paul. A few weeks ago in one of his "Tune In Saturdays" posts, Paul featured the band Dr. Dog - and what do you know - they are on David Letterman tomorrow (Wednesday) night. I am so looking forward to seeing this group perform. So thanks Paul - I'll be thinking of you!

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paul said...

Dude, I usually cycle through music at lightning speed. One album stays in my cd player (ok, not really cd player, but you know what I mean) for less than a week before I've moved on. But I can't stop listening to those guys. It's music crack!