Sunday, May 27, 2007

Massachusetts Will Bite You, Willard

The former Governor of Massachusetts (a man declared by my good friend Mara as "TPJ" for The Pretentious Jackass") is running for president. It's been good for a laugh here as he seems to be running against Massasachusetts. His first TV ad "Mitt Romney, Business Legend" leaves me in sputtering disbelief that the ad can play without my TV exploding from the bullshit.

The man born with the name Willard (like the rat) has played both sides of the fence for a long time. The debate in 1994 against Ted Kennedy is available in bulk on YouTube, along with many recent gems including the "varmint" episide.

But Willard does not seem to learn from his flip floppy (Mitt Floppy) ways. In an interesting Op-Ed in today's Boston Globe, Joan Venocchi spells out what Willard is up against - himself, his past statements and his lies. The column Romney's Skeletons in the Closet is worth a read.

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