Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On The Train Home

It was pouring buckets of rain at rush hour, so I felt bad for a young man who got on my train with a bike and just soaked to the bone. He got on early enough that he moved the bike out of the way of those entering, and he even got a seat.

An attractive young woman got on the train and sat down next to him. She whipped out a sheaf of papers from her handbag and began reviewing a document. I wasn't really tuned into their conversation - I was deep in a game of computer scrabble, but I assumed she was his co-worker. And then the first whiff of controlly-wife-lady came my way.

The document was actually a checklist of items she had for him. She started with a lecture on their financial planning and what stocks needed to be sold and consolidated into what account. She moved on to demanding that he decide if she was "going to the graduation or to the lunch, I can't do both..." The weird thing is they didn't seem to be arguing, she just launched on the kid.

The first station stop out of North Station is only a ten minute ride, but by the time we pulled into the station the guy sitting next to me was mouthing "leave her" and I was hoping he would. And then it just kept repeating in my head "Run Forrest, run!"

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