Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Real Wedding Crashers Must Die

Borrowing a page from Make the Logo Bigger's jihad on Saturday Night Live, I want "The Real Wedding Crashers" television show to explode in a flame of fury. Soon. It is the lamest, most painfully stupid thing on television now. The Google search actually returns this line from NBC: "The Real Wedding Crashers NBC TV Show: Funny Marriage Prank Series ..." I thought Deal or No Deal was the epitomy of moronic (except for the Italian version, which is rustic and charming) - The Real Wedding Crashers sucks big ugly polyester bridesmaid's gowns. Go away you piece of crap.

*Explanation: It was on after Heroes (which I love) and I'm in the middle of writing something so I never bothered to change the channel. I want that hour back NBC.


Make the logo bigger said...

See, I thought the Fox My Big Fat Fiance show was a new low in trainwrecks.

Moda di Magno said...

OMG - I will NEVER AGAIN not change the channel when my eyeballs start to bleed and my crap alarm is ringing 5 bells!

paul said...

oh my god, thank you. Worst show ever.