Friday, May 04, 2007

Red Carped Makeover

The amazingly talented Adrienne Shelly's final film, which she wrote, directed and acted in, is hitting theaters next week. By all accounts "Waitress" is quite good on a lot of levels. Fox Searchlight is releasing it and doing their damndest to screw up the positioning of it - check out their site for it. Blechh.

The blog is a better source of information, but I'm a little leary of the statement at the bottom "This is a Fan-Run website. We are not affiliated with the creators, distributors or any of the cast & crew including Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion or Adrienne Shelly."

I dunno, the site is good, but warning makes me worry about the source. I find the blog more in keeping with Adrienne Shelly and her indy style, but still, I don't know - I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the lack of an "About Me"...I'll try to figure it out.

In any case - above is an ad from the Metro paper - if you are bold enough to show up to a screening in your waitress uniform, you could win a "Red Carped Makeover."

Can I get some fries with that Carp?

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Tal said...

Hello - as the owner of I just wanted to let you know it is a genuine fan website :)

I don't have an "about me" page on there because I didn't want the site to be about me - just wanted to help promote the movie - and more specifically, Nathan Fillion - of whom I'm a big fan.