Thursday, May 03, 2007

Speech & Debate Club

I spent part of my day doing some informal polling about tonight's first Republican presidential debate. I had some amusing reponses to my questions and some truly horrifying reponses.

I'd also like to poll you - can you name the 10 candidates (so far) in the photo above?

I asked some of my friends and colleagues to tell me if they planned to watch tonight's debate on MSNBC. Here you go:

- I didn't know there was a debate
- What are they debating?
- Who's running

I asked if they knew any of the ten candidates that would appear on the stage for the debate.

- Are ten allowed?
- How many? Really? Ten?
- McCain, Giuliani and Willard Romney.
- McCain & Bush (?!)
- Giuliani
-McCain & Giuliani
- The guy from Law & Order

----OMG, we are so screwed.

I watched the debate, there was no clear winner. There was an equal shame shawl on all of them. I felt just a litle dirty about watching the whole thing.

Peter, you were right - Gilmore's tie was absolutey the best.

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