Saturday, May 05, 2007

Steve Tyrell is a Handsome Man

My dear friend Janet suggested an evening out at Harvard Square's famed Regatta Bar at the fantastic Charles Hotel - and what a lovely evening it was. Tom and I joined Janet, her husband Larry and friends Joan and Shelly for music, adult beverages and laughs.

Steve Tyrell is a handsome man - and he sings pretty too. I haven't seen a man work a room like Steve Tyrell in many years. He made eye contact with every woman in the first three rows. Deep, soulful eye contact. Loved that.

Steve and the band have taken over the late Bobby Short's spot at the Carlyle Hotel in New York. They'll play every Tuesday through Saturday in November and December in one of the great music rooms. It will be totally worth the trip to NYC.

Steve Tyrell sings jazz standards and some "popular" (by popular I'm saying Burt Bachrach) music - and he brought along the most amazing band. Two keyboardists, a stand-up bass, an outstanding young man on a Les Paul guitar, a trumpet player that was talented and funny and a drummer that was hot.

Chief among players in his band was Lou "Blue Lou" Marini - whose work from the time he was part of the Saturday Night Live house band (Howard Shore and his all Nurse Band) through his work with The Blues Brothers and on into the present with artists like Carmen Cuesta and his own Lou's Blues recording. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to be in the room with Lou Marini. Lou Marini!

Here's Lou in a previous musical moment - with a whole lot of long hair.

We finished the evening with supper at Charlies Kitchen - home of the double cheeseburger. Good food, good friends, nice tunes and a lot of laughs. I call that a perfect Friday.

L-R: Janet, Shelly, Joan, Me.

Larry Gulko, Marketing Guru (who missed the group shot!)

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