Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Thank You Note

A couple of weeks ago I received a suprise in the mail - a handwritten thank you note from my optometrist Dr. Rosanna LaMalva. I've gone to Dr. LaMalva for several years, originally visiting because she was close to my downtown Boston office and she accepted my vision insurance. When I joined a company that was on the other side of town I visited another optometrist and while amused by the front office person, I didn't make a connection with the Doctor. For my next annual visit I took the green line back to Dr. LaMalva's office where her office manager/receptionist Deb welcomes everyone with a warm and welcoming "Where ya been?" (As if she should see us weekly!)

I have referred many co-workers and friends to Dr. LaMalva over the years, many co-workers of late since we are only a block away from her office. Everyone comes back to me to say how much they liked their visit to Dr. LaMalva's office. I can't think of many other places that I have directed people to (restaurants, movies, car dealers) with so much success.

I've tried to narrow down what it is that results in such positive feedback.

1. You are made welcome from the moment you arrive, if you are returning, it is as a long awaited friend and then you get a rundown of your last visit, prescription and benefits used.

2. The office is small, but has all of the modern equipment you need for a thorough eye exam. I feel like nothing is wasted on flash - it's all about the Dr. and the patient and quality care.

3. They will help you maximize your insurance benefits. We pay for our insurance, they know how to give us great care and provide maximum return on our insurance investment.

4. They are grateful for referrals and they acknowledge it.

I'm sure Dr. LaMalva has hundreds and hundreds of patients, so a personal thanks was quite extraordinary. Oh how I wish more business operated in such a direct and personal way.

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