Monday, May 14, 2007

Warning: Silly Season Ahead

Peeps, can I ask a favor for the upcoming summer season? Please leave any wardrobe item that ends in 'pris' in the closet unless you are at the beach. Another season of young women in lycra gaucho pants is such a vile thought that I kind of just threw up in my mouth a little. I can't handle another year of wondering why you want all that polyester up your cracky parts. You kids seem to have rolled them out a bit early this season - I squawked about them last year. So did Glamour magazine:

Men - it is no different for you. MANPRIS SUCK. Get yourselves some shorts and go hiking or biking or do whatever the hell you do, but stay out of the frickin' manpris. They are gross and you look stupid. You look like you borrowed your big brother's pants. I didn't like them last year and I won't like them any better in 2007. Shorts are short, pants are not. For men, there is nothing in between (except for a kilt.) To help you avoid wearing them - I'm going to rename them "hot pants" - that should help.

McQueen did not wear manpris (or hot pants.) Man up, men.


copyranter said...

Paris was full of them, mostly on men.

Chris said...

I hate capris, but i hate flip flops even more. True evil.