Friday, June 22, 2007

Borrowing a Page

Borrowing a page from the fabulous You May Also Like blog, I bring you an item from the Herrington catalog with a description that J. Peterman himself would have snickered at:

Carry the Laptop Bag Designed For Mossad Agents — Light, Comfortable and Combat-Tough!

"Mossad, the Israeli Special Forces unit, is known for its stealth, toughness, and deadly effectiveness. So when Mossad requisitioned a protective laptop case comfortable and light enough for extended travel, discreet enough for clandestine ops, but rugged enough for field duty, Ergo Armor got the contract. Triple-layer laminate construction sandwiches a protective layer of elasticized closed-cell foam padding between a soft, anti-scratch interior, and a highly abrasion-resistant exterior."

Really - Mossad? That's the marketing hook? Oh my. I actually kind of like the bag construction - but I can't in good conciense purchase something marketed in such a clumsy way.

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