Friday, June 15, 2007

Boston v. Barry Bonds

I had the privilege of sitting in my beloved Fenway Park with my friend Cynthia Keliher to witness the first visit to Fenway by the San Francisco Giants and the man with the largest head on the planet, Barry Bonds. True to form, the Fenway faithful welcomed Mr. Bonds with their legendary hospitality. At the very least, nothing was thrown other than several chants of "STEROIDS...." There were several "Bonds*" asterisk posters in the house.

It was a perfect night for baseball - I had a great meal with good friends before the game, all in all it was a lovely evening.

Here are some snaps and thoughts.

The two jokers on the left sat in front of me - so you know they were eight feet tall with heads 2 feet across. All right - they weren't that tall, but darn close. The nice young man on the right was polite and engaging - I hope he learns to whistle through his fingers soon!

Manny Ramirez strolls to the plate.

Barry Bonds turned around for photos on his warm up before his last at bat. He was not a dickhead to the fans, and that's all that matters*.

Barry Bonds returns to the visitor's dugout after flying out.

We brand 'em young in boston.

One of my friend Cynthia's partners comments on Dustin Pedroia's 5-hit night.

Dave Roberts returned to Fenway with the Giants to a rousing standing ovation. Fenway remembers what he meant to the team that won the World Series. Thanks for stealing that base. Dave!

The Three Amigos: Paul, Jim & Kenny.

David Ortiz before he was called out on strikes (incorrectly) and then had a rather "unlike himself" episode and got ejected.

* what belongs in the record books next to Mr. Bonds' name.

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