Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Brand Mocks A Brand Worth Mocking

I have been a fan of the Despair, Inc. catalog for quite some time. They are wisely moving into the clever t-shirt market in the way that only they can. While Copyranter may be revulsed by Despair's selected raw material provider (and I don't disagree with the revulsion), Despair does take the necessary step of giving American Apparel a nice little pompous ass-kicking.

From the Despair Inc. "Warning Labels" page:

A Note About American Apparel Shirts:

These aren't some thick, itchy tees made in China by underfed children. Impossibly soft and comfortable, these shirts are proudly made in USA by shady and/or skanky-looking underfed 20-somethings who tend to like their shirts small and form-fitting. Customers are recommended to consider ordering a size larger than their standard t-shirt size if they are not familiar with the fit of American Apparel shirts or do not suffer from malnutrition.

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