Saturday, June 02, 2007

Colorado Friday (Day 2)

Took a long ride with Tommy to faraway spots in Colorado. Then Tommy got a call from an ad agency in San Franciso asking if he was avilable to travel to Kansas City, MO to shoot on Saturday and Sunday. But of course. Here are some snaps from today.

My mother picking flowers for Cindy (and telling me to "PUT THE CAMERA DOWN." She's not the boss of me at this age - is she?)

I loved the sign for the Fowler State Bank.

A farm house that is unoccupied at the moment, though corn has been planted around it.

Cassidy playing with "Little Kitty" after dinner.

Alexa holding "Little Kitty" (who is pretty close to her size!)


archeress said...

that farmhouse! are those real clouds or photoshop? so perfect! you drove to colorado? i'm swooning. would love to go across country in a car without having to hurry. last time i did it, was in january, moving to boston, and the heat was broken in the cherokee.

Moda di Magno said...

Archeress! Those are genuine Colorado clouds. We didn't drive to Colorado, flew JetBlue and went on photo safari - a necessary party of life when married to a photog. Fortunately he gifted me with a Nikon D40 at Christmas, so now I can take better pix. I finally published the Kansas City adventure- check it out.