Monday, June 25, 2007

FYI - AT&T Says iPhone Still Coming

Oh AT&T, your lameness is showing. Again.

I received an email on Saturday pointing me to the Apple website. In case, like every other fanboy, I haven't already watched and re-watched every one of the online tour films, dowloaded them and watched them again.

All I want is the price for the monthly service. That's all I want AT&friggingT. Why do you continue to hide the cost? You are not Calvin Klein keeping the fall line under wraps. You are not GM keeping the concept car from prying cargeek eyes. This is not a political story dumped on Friday on the media's way out the door for the weekend. You are the damn phone company.

Don't you think the blogiverse is going to wail on your corporate ass if you screw up this launch?

This is my final plea: Please, please AT&T - inform us of the price or face the wrath on iPhone day.

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