Tuesday, June 26, 2007

iBitch Finally Gets Her Info

Apple & AT&T seem to have made the decision to answer every critic, for every issue all at the same time. Available on Apple's iPhone page you will find lots of freshly posted press releases that answer all sorts of questions - number one for me being HOW MUCH IS THE FRIGGING SERVICE? Sorry, I'm better now that I have the answer.

Interesting to me was the competitive analysis - answering scores of critics about battery life, the surface of the phone, stand by time and many other things I don't care about all laid out in a nice grid for the geek squad to overanalyze.

THE PRICING! Finally. Hey, I can actually afford this - and because I'm an existing sucker customer, I get a special price. Ooh, I feel all warm inside.

I'm not planning to camp overnight or even stand in line - but TUAW.com (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) pointed out some mangeeks and I laughed fully and heartily in the middle of a meeting. Thanks TUAW.

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