Thursday, June 28, 2007

iCountdown Begins

Tomorrow night at this time I plan (and hope) to be writing about the iPhone in my possession. I have been discussing my iPhone acquisition plan with lovely husband Thomas - who didn't realize he was a key component to my plan. I've only been talking about the ultimate geek accessory since January, so it surprised me that he thought I would want to drive myself to my chosen location. As I explained to him at dinner tonight "Who will take the photos for the blog?" I think he began to understand how vital he is to my plan.

I've viewed and reviewed all of the important videos at - I have checked the stock availability at the Apple stores in the greater Boston area (all of which I can reach in under 30 minutes from my office.) I can't tell you my plan, but it multi-layered, involves good shoes and plenty of sleep.

Ciao for now and wish me luck.

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