Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the Presence of Bowling Greatness

You know how some days start out like they are going to be an everyday day? Well I started my morning with a department meeting expecting that the guests from LocaModa would be cool (and they were) but then I got tuned into a very cool piece of info- Bill Nast, VP at LocaModa (pictured with me below) is the son of Nat Nast.

Who is Nat Nast you ask? NatNast was the King of Bowling Shirts. I have several Nat Nast shirts in the vast Moda di Magno fashion archives, but I particularly love one that I bought in Los Angeles in 1987 - a groovy 50s vintage "Capitol Bowl" shirt (embroidered with the name Walt Lawrence.) I wear it when I bowl occasionally (when I say bowl you should imagine a margarita in one hand and a bowling ball in the other...) Bill's sisters are running the current version of the company - and I think that is super. Bill was modeling a stylish number for the meeting this morning.

I hope Bill knows I totally dug his presentation about LocaModa's Wifitti and mobile interactive products, but the son of Nat Nast - that's just wicked. Bill, thanks for the awesome start to the day.

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Syd & Ster said...

Amazing! And I thought Nat Nast was just a fictional hero from the past. What a charming prince in that shirt. Is he available?