Tuesday, June 19, 2007

iPhone Overload

I want one dammit. The television commerical for it ran on nearly every commercial break during Boston Legal (and now during The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.)

I want it. Will someone just tell me how much the plan is?

I've searched the geek forums and Googled it (and algorithmed it at Ask) but there is nothing out there but opinion and guesses.



archeress said...

i hate it when i want something $$ like that, definitely feel for you moda. i just shredded ten years (literally) of receipts and tax papers and had to shake my head at some of the things i just "had to have" that i couldn't care less about now.

peter said...

Mags-- It's probably a little north of whatever the Crackberry guys are paying per month, dont'cha think? You can bet they've (AT&T) focus-grouped the shit out of the price point issue for this thing. They can get a small premium over PDA rates cuz of the device "convergence" factor.
I'm going to take a flyer and say you're probably looking at $65 a month. Conservatively.

Moda di Magno said...

Archeress - this is an aberration for me. I've never wanted a gadget like I want this thing. I did cry over a pair of 4" jute-wrapped leather platforms that my mother denied me in 1975 - but my desire for this device far exceeds that.

Peter - if it is only $65 a month I'm sold. I'm guessing $100 minimum.