Thursday, June 07, 2007

Secretly, why everyone who blogs, blogs.

Yeah, we all want to share information and participate in a larger human experience and all that jazz. It's cool - but Heather Armstrong, in her inimitable Dooce fashion nailed it today with the last line of this post.

Mom, your day will come too - the day when I tell all! How you forced me to learn things and eat healthy things and not dress like a slut (as far as you could tell...) About how you raised me with love and compassion and a tongue planted firmly in cheek (better than a boot in the @ss) - and that is why I am funny. How dare you expose me to art and music at a young age. Why did you force Dr. Seuss upon me (to the consternation of my second grade teacher)? Why, why did you do it? Your day is coming Blanchie - the family exposé is barreling down the tracks. If I can get the scanner working...


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