Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Etiquette for Everybody

I'm going to start a series from this charming book that my mom sent in a box of goodies. Eventually I'll start a series.

For tonight I'm going to call this "Etiquette and suggestions for people who ride any form of public transportation anywhere in the world."

Here are a few observations from the last few week:

1. Thank you for flossing. I appreciate good dental hygeine as much as the next gal - but please refrain from flossing on the train platform. Particularly if you are flossing with a thread you pulled from your sleeve.

2. If you feel compelled to wear denim blue knit culottes, please avoid painting your toenails the same shade of blue. Elderly people will ask impertinent questions like "Do you have an infection dear?" in that tone of elderly voice that cuts through an entire train station like a hot knife through butter. And you will stammer out a meek little "...no" in response, but no one will hear you over the laughter.

3. The world is united in its decision and proclamation that if you are on any form of public transport - trains, planes, buses, elevators or any line waiting for coffee, and you are on your cel phone, none of the following words may be uttered in combination with each other: gynecologist, possibly transmittable, rash, inflamed, prescription cream, public notification or smear. You are on notice that a corrective tap on the shoulder will come out to guide you back to better sense.

4. If you choose to sport a "fashion forward" outfit, please don't be surprised if small children point and ask "Mommy, why is that lady wearing army boots?"

Monday, July 30, 2007

Badcat & her toes

Badcat & her toes, originally uploaded by Moda di Magno.

I have a list if things I want to discuss regarding public transportation. But the list is on my desk at work so I'll have to wait to share it tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this iPhone picture of Badcat (who is a little under the weather at the moment.)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home from the lake

Tom flies, Harold laughs, originally uploaded by Moda di Magno.

Am suffering from a slow reentry into post-vacation life. This is Tom flying a balsa-wood plane to the great bemusement of our friend (and host for the past five days) Harold. I had an amazing time and will try to keep the happy thing going for a few more days. It would be unkind to bet against me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another gorgeous day in beautiful New Hampshire. This is today's "sign of the day" near the Village Perk where I'm having excellent coffee and posting right now.

We had fresh corn from the Moultonborough Farm Stand yesterday - sweet, early, local corn. Yum!

Yesterday Tom indulged me and pulled off the road so that I could check out this awesome camper. The camper is manufactured by Tab-rv. The owner, Herb (and his wife), are visiting from Pennsylvania. Herb was happy to show me the camper and tell me about his experience it. He was pulling the RV behind his blazer, but he said it is so light we could pull it behind the Audi All-Road.
The couches fold in to form a big bed.

Fridge, air-conditioning, kitchen.

Cleverly designed stove/sink unit - if your pot boils over it runs into the sink.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Laundromat,Tanning, Drycleaning

A few iPhone snaps from vacation. New Hampshire continues to be a fertile ground for interesting business combinations, I remain unsure about the safety of this one:

A view from the porch at the cottage.

Watson Bosler's famous sour cherry pie. The best pie on the planet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Golden Pond

I'd say "gone fishing" - but actually I'll be "gone reading" - reading The Age of Conversation on the shores of Squam Lake in New Hampshire. The image above was taken by my beloved husband Thomas and can be viewed with many other delicious locations on his website. That is the actual view from the cottage, and I am so looking forward to it. We will join dear friends on an annual pilgrimage to the place I consider the most peaceful on earth. It will be a short vacation, but I will return renewed in spirit, refreshed in wit and ready to take on the world.

I may post if I make it to the Internet cafe in Meredith Center, but forgive me if I just spend my time making s'mores and applying calamine lotion.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Best Line from an E-mail Exchange

"...having him on this floor is like pulling a rusty grater across my soul."

I can't touch that - it's gold.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gala, Fashion Show, Valet - 3 Words I Love

The Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala to benefit The Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Ballet will take place on Wednesday, September 5th from 6:30 - 10:00pm at Nordstrom in Natick. The store does not open until September 7th - so this is your chance to shop with the swanky masses before the hoi polloi like me get in. Tickets are $150 and available by calling 617-369-3851 until August 15th.

Anything that supports my favorite museum gets a little link love from me. Given the swell time I had last week at the Nordstrom event - I'm guessing the gala is going to be gorgeous.

Dress pretty - the shoperazzi will be there (and the media as well!)

Best Line from The Simpsons

Nappien: Won't cause foot fattening or elbow stink. Almost wet my pants watching the Simpsons tonight. Of course I found the cause on YouTube.

Sunday is iPhone Picture Day

I'm going to try to be good about downloading the photos from the iPhone each week. Here's a few for your amusement.

Badcat get her lap time. She is my baby girl!

Seen on the 16th floor, on top of the refrigerator in my office. I'm pretty sure the dollar bill was glued into the cup.

T-Bone contemplates his tail.

Two cars with government plates kissing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fare Thee Well, Tammy Faye

Tammy Faye Baker Messner reportedly passed away on Friday.

I never considered her the bad half of the Jim & Tammy Faye duo when my mom watched the PTL Club in the early 1980s. I think she lived long enough to come into her own. In the mid 1980s she was one of the first "professed" Christians to have the guts to embrace people suffering with AIDs. I shall forever remember her as having poor up-close eyesight because really, what could explain that maquillage?

Fare thee well Tammy Faye, I hope there is a giant Shiseido counter in the sky for you.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What a Week!

Tom was laughing at me because I was being a bit of a puss when something did not go my way this week. He was laughing because as weeks go, this was pretty darn great. So I made some notes in my iPhone (because I can) and here is the summary:

Monday: "My" book (our collective book) was published. The Age of Conversation is alive and well and flying off the shelves. You should totally buy the book, its for the kids you know! Dinner with Charlie & Donna (up from Boca) and Sam and Nancy Jane, and Lizzie too! Good, organic fun at Flatbread Pizza.

Tuesday: On a last minute invitation by my friend Beth, I attended the Nordstrom opening party at The State Room. Nordstrom knows how to throw down. I met two of my art heroes (Ruben & Isabel Toledo) and a bona fide God of Fashion: Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large for Vogue Magazine. If the evening had a sound it would be me screaming and jumping up and down. Perfectly awesome event. We made some nice new fashion friends, I can't wait for the Natick store to open on September 7th.

Wednesday: The book is a hit. My blog is a hit. Peeps really liked to be photographed and written about, because a lot of people hit the blog again and again. Received nice notes from Nordstrom folks. I love you guys too. Rock on with your fashionable selves!

Thursday: Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger fame is on a world US tour with the Plaidnation team. The van took a swing into Boston and me and Ryan Barrett went out for a visit and some swanky swag. The Plaidnation tour website includes a live video cam, so when I got in the van for a spin, my good pal Paul McEnany in Dallas saw me and sent an email announcing that he was watching live. Then a minute later he sent this one:

"Very graceful" refers to my falling out of the van after I opened the door. I joked that it was all the diet coke cans and Twinkie wrappers. It was no such thing - that was pure, unadulterated gracelessness - caught live on the webcam. I love that Paul saw it and shouted out. He was still laughing when we spoke by phone later in the day. THAT people, is social frickin' media.

Later on Thursday I received a call from the Museum of Fine Arts. A corporate communications person had been forwarded by blog (and after she stopped spewing tea from her nostrils) she gave me a call and we talked about the Nordstrom Grand Opening Gala. The Gala tickets are $150 and the price benefits the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Ballet. I was asked if I would write about the event in the hopes of selling tickets. We talked about a number of approaches to get the word out for the event, which is Wednesday, September 5th from 6:30 to 10:00pm and includes dining, drinking, fashion shows, private shopping and no doubt, some serious swag. Call 617-369-3851 by August 15th. Complimentary parking! I will give the event a proper flogging (can it really be flogging if I do it for love?) over the weekend. Asked to flog for the first time: Awesome.

Friday: I delivered a crazy big jewelery order to a friend and former neighbor as a birthday gift for a relative. How crazy big?- I'm halfway to the replacement Mac. Thanks Stace!

Had dinner in Arlington Center with Harold and Watson. Delightful and delish, and completely casual. Good food and good friends on a night that the weather is playing nice-nice: excellent!

So, with all the happy goodness going on - how could I focus on a niggling little problem instead of all the cool stuff going on? How foolish of me. I'm going to try to be a more grateful person. And I'll try to stop falling out of vans, on webcam least.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Madame Ryan Wants to Know

Colleague, co-author and bright light Ryan Barrett has thrown down the gauntlet and asked me to lay my soul bare for the Internets. If it will sell more copies of The Age of Conversation (it's for the kids you know) - then so be it. Prepare to learn eight things that will cause me to blush when someone repeats them in a bar.

1. My three favorite men are my husband Tom, Jon Stewart and George Clooney. In that order. I have only met one of the three on the list.

2. I really want everyone to "just get along" or at the very least to leave each other alone. The world would be a whole lot better if peeps just did their thing and let others do theirs.

3. I like to play my records loud when my husband travels. Yes, I still have vinyl.

4. When my husband announced that I was getting cats for Christmas in 1996 (I had asked for Nintendo) I was pretty bummed out. Badcat & T-Bone have actually turned out to be better than Nintendo (but I'm lucky because Tom scoops the litter.)

5. My mother Blanche is my biggest inspiration. She keeps on trucking in the face of foolishness, nonsense and bullshit. She always has. And she has always made it fun. Mom, I have nothing but happy memories of blanket tents and camping inside. Of everything in my life, I am most proud of you.

6. The music I put on the iPhone in the folder called "Medical Oddities Convention Deflection Program" (the name bestowed on a certain group of commuter rail riders who regale each other with stores of fungi, ingrown things, tumors of unusual size and other kinds of medical weirdness) includes Abba and Van Halen. I have no problem swinging between Dancing Queen and Running with the Devil.

7. Every time I meet a blogger whose work I read, I get all gooey inside. Sort of like meeting George Clooney, but without the soul-searing handsomeness (Copyranter aside) and the exceptional wealth.

8. I trained as a printer's apprentice for three years in high school. This girl could run a four-color press before she could drive. I could still strip a negative faster than anyone I know (if anyone in this century still worked that way.) I would love to find a letterpress and make my own cards.

Bonus! Secretly, I pretend to hate it when random chants of "Yankees suck" break out in places where the Red Sox and the Yankees are not actually playing. (Best place so far this year: a wedding.)

Thank God I got that off my chest. I think I would be nice if some bloggy friends coughed up a little embarrassment of their own. Archeress (top 8 least favorite "talents" perhaps?), Matty (visual form?), Megan (bridal things?), James (where to begin?), Chris (what do you like?)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Make the Logo Bigger - I Mean, Plaid

Yeah, I meant Make the Logo Bigger Plaid. The kids from Plaid are on a summer cross-country tour. They rocked out an Econoline van with some stickers, all the latest some geek gear, an ice chest of wine coolers and and what appears to be a group of marketers on probation for violating the corporate travel policy.

They are meant to swing through Boston tomorrow and if we can nail down a location I'll broadcast it here. You should put on your finest plaid or Harajuku ensemble and head on down for some swag, schwag or other giveway crap that is littering up the back bench in the van.

You can follow their adventures live on the Plaid Nation site (yes, I would like a Twinkie Giuli), or on their blog.

I'm going to suggest this to my marketing peeps as something we should totally do. Except in a private jet. And staying at the Four Seasons. With a staff that would handle all the working and stuff. That would be awesome.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of the Best Nights Ever

I had a lot of work to catch up on today (given that I devoted a few hours to discussing The Age of Conversation available HERE and still benefiting children…) so I hesitated when my friend Beth Winer called with a late invitation to a Nordstrom event. The Nordstrom Company is opening a new store in Natick, MA on September 7th and they had a very swank little soiree at the State Room tonight to celebrate. I wrapped up my madness and headed out as soon as I could.
The State Room truly has the best views of the City of Boston. Also they make a great margarita. And tuna tartar flutes. OMG, everything they do is fabulous – which is why it was a perfect spot for the Nordstrom event.

The event featured live modeling of hot, hot, hot styles. Present at the event were GODS OF FASHION™ - Not kidding, no hyperbole (you know me, I’m so not prone to hyperbole.) In the house for the event was fashion retail scion Pete Nordstrom. Pete is very tall. Pete is very handsome. Pete is very well-spoken and quite nice. Thank you Pete, for a lovely event and for consenting to the iPhone photo session.
Also in the house Isabel and Ruben Toledo. OMFG – ISABEL AND RUBEN TOLEDO. Do you have any idea how totally awesome, amazing and awesome that is? AWESOME! Isabel got a chuckle out of the iPhone camera – she is a divine creature and an amazing designer. She is doing a line for Anne Klein and I cannot wait to see it.

Ruben is an extraordinary artist and illustrator and he desired to see general direction of the new store, so I walked him to the other side of the building and pointed out he Hancock towers, the Charles River and other points of interest on the Northwest side of Boston. I took him on a 33rd floor tour of the City. I showed him the North End of Boston (and recommended Neptune Oyster for the best lobster roll in town.) I pointed out Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, the financial district , Logan Airport, the Rose Kennedy Greenway (finally replacing the original “green monster” – the two-deck highway now replaced by the “big dig”) and basically gave him my old Governor’s Office spiel. He is a delightful man. What a treat to meet him.

Also attending the event: Andre Leon Talley. Hello? Vogue Magazine's ANDRE LEON TALLEY people! Andre Leon Talley. Fug Girls – take frickin’ note – ME & ANDRE LEON TALLEY . (Fug Girls – I will remind you that this was a last minute invite – ordinarily I would have been decked out in something f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s for an event of this type. Cut a girl some slack for digging out some MAC Glam lip gloss on the way to the party!) There were a lot of ladies lined up for a photo with Andre Leon Talley . He was quite kind in obliging them. (Special thanks to Allan Dimes at Northstar Photography for the photo!)

Beth and I were fortunate to meet a number of Nordstrom executives – one nicer than the next. I applaud in your general direction Nordstrom – every employee we met was a delight, but most especially Miss Allison Hathaway, manager of handbags at the new store. Not only was she well-dressed and pleasant, she was ENGAGING. Retail brands please take note: ENGAGING. She was knowledgeable, she wasn’t selling anything except the experience, she was pleasant and happy and smiling. It was a pleasure to meet her – I will look forward to visiting the department and seeing her in action. Also in the completely delightful department was Rick Stroik – manager of salon shoes. Funny, happy, again – engaging, completely and totally into making connections at the event. (No matter how shy some of the guests were…) I made them pose for the prom picture (but look how cute they are, I mean really!)

The live modeling was terrific – the girls were lovely and handled the clothes beautifully. At one point someone’s Nana walked up to a model and began asking questions – and God bless her heart, the model was so gracious and spoke to her (deaf as Nana was.)

This was a very well produced event, very well managed, a lot of fun (the bartenders knew how to make a drink) and it was absolutely snob free. I declare the party FABULOUS. I'll be looking forward to the store opening on September 7th, and if I’m not on the road touting the Age of Conversation (see how I worked that in again) I'll try to join in the fun on the September 5th Gala event to benefit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Ballet.

You can see the rest of the party pictures in this Flickr Set. All of the photos were taken on my iPhone! Welcome to the neighborhood Nordstrom. Cheers!

As a final farewell, Anthony Roan (available through Maggie Models), Beth, Allie and Steve Langton (available through Dynasty.) Congrats for having ENGAGING models - capable of speech and pleasantries!

The Book Thing is Very Cool

That's me on the left and my colleague Ryan Barrett posing with mock-ups of the cover of "our" book The Age of Conversation, which launched yesterday. The book has met with approving eys in many quarters and is making the media rounds. Here are the media links (with some comments that are good for a laugh - so put down the coffee!)

Ad Age Bookstore had a nice piece

Social Computing Magazine called the book an "eBlockbuster"

Media Post posted about us (registration required)

Nussbaum on Design at Business Week, wherein I am told "Lori, you are right." That is so taped to my refrigerator!

Bob Reich touted us in Fast Company

Still more from Bruce Nussbaum

We are HUGE in Japan. I guess.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Today is Book Launch Day!

Hooray! Hooray! It's book launch day! The Age of Conversation launched this morning - you can read more about it HERE or HERE or HERE. I've been blathering about the project for months and today you, yes you dear reader, can be part of the Age of Conversation. This amazing project comes in three lucious forms: Hardback, Paperback and E-Book. Pick up a copy of this fantastic worldwide collaboration. All proceeds are being donated to Variety Children's Charity.

Delightful and talented Technomarketer Matt Dickman created the outrageous Google map with all of the author locations - check it out. Geeky cool if ever there was such a thing!

I thought I'd slap up some photos from March when I attended the BlogHer conference in New York City. CK set up a swank little meet and greet - so I have indeed met some of the Age of Conversation authors (and enjoyed their company!)

Matt Dickman and Christina Kerley (the divine "CK".)

Toby Bloomberg, C.B. Whittemore and Valeria Maltoni.

Christina Kerley and me. Special thanks to Paul McEnany at Hee Haw Marketing for the introduction. You rock my brother!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

iPrototype Review

A giant pat on my own back here as I declare the iPrototype (known secretly as "iLid" or "iBeach") an utter success. In field trials I experienced no loss of sensitivity to the touch screen area, had no drop off in telephone sound quality and the photographs taken in the iPrototype came out just fine (for blogging purposes.) The photos had a bit of a color shift - but I can live with a bluer beach if it means keeping sand out of iPhone.

Our friends Judy & Mike's dog Tammy. She is a sweetie girl.

Seagulls were plentiful at the beach today. On swooped down and took a bite out of Tom's sandwich (while it was in his hand!)

At the end of the day we stopped by a local victuals seller and I purchased some wine for dinner. This image brought to you courtesy of iPhone camera. How could I pass it up. "Two forms of ID are required for out of state licenses and passports."

You can verify your citizenship for an I-9 form with just your passport, and you can take an international flight with just your passport- but in Gloucester, Mass. you'll need an additional form of ID if you want to buy some wine.


I'm off to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester today (and you know I had to bring the iPhone), so I took a first pass at designing the product temporarily known as "iLid" or "iBeach". You thieving corporate bastards are on iNotice that this design is copyrighted, and the patent application has been filed. I'll be on my boogie board for the balance of the day.

Had Dinner in the Yard

Had dinner in the yard tonight with friends Sarah & Scot. Tom has been working with our friends at Norton Guitars and had several models here to be photographed. Scot is a talented musician, so he brought an amp and took them for a test drive while I was grilling.

Now, your ordinary dinner guest will sit and make chit chat as you prep the meal, but I must say having someone fly with "Blackbird" while I'm grilling shrimp is awesome.

Sarah laughed as I geeked out and demoed the iPhone for Scot. I can't help it, when friends say "can I touch it" (and "it" refers to the iPhone) I have to go on dork patrol and give them a good tour. Anyway - it gave her a good laugh, and I got a great snap of her on the iPhone camera.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Age of Conversation

The Age of Conversation is moving and grooving in the days leading up to the launch on Monday.

Check it out the interview with Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton in Ad Age's Bookstore column.

We are also famous in Social Computing Magazine in an article entitled "E-Blockbuster About the Web 2.0 Era of Communications Coming Out July 16." I think I love Social Computing Magazine.

On Monday I'll post a link to purchase the book in one of it's fabulous forms: hardback (perfect for corporate gifts and moms), paperback (ideal for summer reading) or e-book (which I may have to put on my iPhone JUST BECAUSE I CAN!)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Badly Dressed or German Tourist?

Summer tourist season has descended on Boston like humid on Revere Beach. I love it on so many levels. The iPhone has instantly become a favorite tool enabling me to ask you the summer's burning question, namely: Badly dressed or German Tourist?!

Manpris? Check.

Cigarettes? Check.

Twee running type shoes? Check.

Vote below and I'll reveal the answer on Monday.

{Photo taken in Downtown Crossing area of Boston 7/12/2007}

iPhone - Don't Try This at Home

Courtesy of the ever-fabulous Blurbomat comes this link from Blendtec: Will it Blend?

Why do you people continue to hurt me? Will the madness never cease?