Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Age of Conversation

The Age of Conversation is moving and grooving in the days leading up to the launch on Monday.

Check it out the interview with Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton in Ad Age's Bookstore column.

We are also famous in Social Computing Magazine in an article entitled "E-Blockbuster About the Web 2.0 Era of Communications Coming Out July 16." I think I love Social Computing Magazine.

On Monday I'll post a link to purchase the book in one of it's fabulous forms: hardback (perfect for corporate gifts and moms), paperback (ideal for summer reading) or e-book (which I may have to put on my iPhone JUST BECAUSE I CAN!)

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Lincoln Writer said...

Found your blog through a link from a link from a link (oh, the interconnectedness of the hipster blogosphere!)

Anyway, very cool blog! I briefly lived about an hour north of you, in Portsmouth, NH. Miss the blue state vibes!