Friday, July 27, 2007

Another gorgeous day in beautiful New Hampshire. This is today's "sign of the day" near the Village Perk where I'm having excellent coffee and posting right now.

We had fresh corn from the Moultonborough Farm Stand yesterday - sweet, early, local corn. Yum!

Yesterday Tom indulged me and pulled off the road so that I could check out this awesome camper. The camper is manufactured by Tab-rv. The owner, Herb (and his wife), are visiting from Pennsylvania. Herb was happy to show me the camper and tell me about his experience it. He was pulling the RV behind his blazer, but he said it is so light we could pull it behind the Audi All-Road.
The couches fold in to form a big bed.

Fridge, air-conditioning, kitchen.

Cleverly designed stove/sink unit - if your pot boils over it runs into the sink.

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