Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Book Thing is Very Cool

That's me on the left and my colleague Ryan Barrett posing with mock-ups of the cover of "our" book The Age of Conversation, which launched yesterday. The book has met with approving eys in many quarters and is making the media rounds. Here are the media links (with some comments that are good for a laugh - so put down the coffee!)

Ad Age Bookstore had a nice piece

Social Computing Magazine called the book an "eBlockbuster"

Media Post posted about us (registration required)

Nussbaum on Design at Business Week, wherein I am told "Lori, you are right." That is so taped to my refrigerator!

Bob Reich touted us in Fast Company

Still more from Bruce Nussbaum

We are HUGE in Japan. I guess.

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Lincoln Writer said...

how cool! I'm a hafta check it out ...