Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can I Touch It?

Complete strangers are asking that question in droves. It's all about the iPhone. I'll get into that shortly. But first - two friends are blogging and you should check them out.

George Jenkins is blogging at I've Been Mugged. The blog is chronicling George's adventure in identity theft. George is a wicked smart man and a gentle soul - so this is a serious aggravation for a good dude. He's also an enjoyable read, so check him out.

Mick O'Brien is blogging at Attention Shoppers! a visit to the world of CPG (consumer packaged goods) with a few forays into other amusing tales.

Drew McLellan is working on a neato project (fresh on the heels of The Age of Conversation book project - launching 7/16/07) called the Blogger's Toolboox. I'm doing as he asked and introducing you to a couple of new voices. Check them out, encourage them - give them feedback, it's what all of us who write desire. Okay, feedback and a million bucks - but we'll settle for feedback.

Okay - onto the iPhone.

I got it on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday were spent putting things on it, playing with it and polishing it. I took it to work on Monday and OMG - I totally spent the day doing show and tell. I killed the battery doing demo after demo after demo. "Show me YouTube!" "Show me weather!" "Show me email!" (everyone I know shouts...) Everyone was so excited about the iPhone. I'm not the only geek in the office pool. My pals Pete, Byron, Jon and Howard all got the God Machine too.

Today was spent demoing to a few peeps who missed me yesterday. Same requests. "Show me YouTube!" Though one friend did want to demo the calculator (but you know how those finance peeps are...)

Tonight I went to dinner with Tom and our nephew Brad and his girlfriend Rachel. We went to Neptune Oyster in the North End of Boston for truly the best lobster roll in the city. We sat down and a young lady to the right exclaimed "OMG - is that the iPhone?!" and added "Can I touch it?!" She seemed like a nice girl, so I let her hold it. She practically squealed with delight and handed it back - and then her dad asked if he could touch it! Tom was laughing out loud. The couple at the table to the left had a whole bunch of questions too and were intrigued by the photo quality (see the lobster roll below...) and the ability to import contacts from the computer. I think they are waiting until their son heads off to college to get one for themselves! LOL.

All the iPhone questions:

"How is the battery?" is the most frequent question. Today I showed the videos, photos, and other functions repeatedly. I used the phone as "the tie breaker" at dinner (gone are the days of waiting to find out if someone is making something up - I can Google it at dinner, whatever "it" may be...) When I got home I still had 33% battery power with no charging at work during the day. Yesterday I spent 8 hours showing videos, music, Internets, camera, photo library and every other function to everyone who asked. When I got home 10 hours later, the battery was dead. That was some serious, crazy use - in a way I won't ever use the device. So in my opinion, the battery is going to work out just fine for me - especially if I remember to bring the lightweight charger with me. The battery is almost completely recharged after an hour.

"How is the camera?" The camera is a 2 megapixel camera - it's fine for those fashion errors that I must must must blog. It's ideal for the "how do you like the shape of this chair?" conversation, and as you will see in the snaps below is just fine for "ooh, that's a cool Mac in the trash pile" photo. Will it replace my Nikon D-40? Not a chance - but on the days I'm not carrying the awesome-cam, the iPhone will be fine.

"How's the phone?" The phone is fine - held up to my ear or on the headphones with the mic, it has worked perfectly for me.

"How was the activation?" The activation took three minutes for me. I was an existing AT&T/Cingular/TBD customer - so there was no delay. I haven't heard from any existing AT&T customers about any delays. Word to the wise - if you go to AT&T and want to change your Motorola Razr from Verizon to AT&T - there will be a delay in service. Same for the iPhone. The drama just isn't there. Chill peeps.

Overall - it's a really cool thing that does what I need it to do. It calls my husband to tell him I'm running late. It does my laundry and pays my bills. It feeds the cat and remembers to Tivo Jon Stewart. It is faithful to weight watchers and it recycles. Um, hello peeps - it's a phone. I happen to like the interface, and I can check my email and take pix. It's not actually the God Machine. Your results may vary.

iPhone pictures from today 7/3/07:

Co-workers JT and Byron join the club.

So not trash! But so not coming home with me.

The North End in pretty light.

Injected cupcakes! Awesome!

The best lobster roll in Boston at Neptune Oyster.

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